Three of the Best Reasons to Have a Wedding in Iceland

No couple wants their wedding to be forgettable, but quite a few end up feeling fairly routine and undistinguished . Even those who put the most effort into planning their own nuptial ceremonies often end up plodding down overly worn paths.

The ideal wedding for many couples today is one that is inherently impressive and interesting, with the ceremony itself adding to the overall value. As many have discovered in recent years, an Iceland Wedding can fit this description perfectly.

A Country Full of Unforgettable Things to Do and See

Iceland is an island nation that covers around 40,000 square miles just off the southeastern coast of far larger Greenland. Home to many active volcanoes and quite young by geologic standards, Iceland is a place where breathtaking views are common.

That has long made it a top choice for adventurous people from elsewhere who enjoy exploring the outdoors. As those who visit will see, it also makes Iceland an excellent place to host a wedding that will never be ordinary or plain. Some of the sights and activities that couples and their guests can enjoy by working with the right Iceland Wedding Planner include:

Hot springs. The volcanic and tectonic activity always going on underneath Iceland makes geothermal springs common. Some places in Iceland host a dozen or more world-class springs in close proximity, with a variety of different temperatures even being available. Hot springs can be selected to add visual interest in the background while the ceremony happens or else employed to make a reception or other gathering more fun.

Northern lights. Iceland is also one of the best places to view the aurora borealis, an unforgettable phenomenon also know as the northern lights. Many couples today choose to schedule their weddings during times of the year when the northern lights are most common and spectacular in Iceland. Wedding planners who regularly accommodate such wishes will always be able to provide useful, relevant advice.

Ice caves. It often pays to hold a wedding ceremony in a relatively formal space that can help set an appropriate mood and atmosphere. Many gorgeous ice caves found around Iceland serve as natural cathedrals that can be even more striking than the real thing. Even for those who wish to host ceremonies elsewhere, a scheduled trip to an ice cave in the area can make for an unforgettable activity.

Many More Options to Investigate and Choose from

With dozens of other possibilities to offer, Iceland is a place that seemingly has no limits when it comes to weddings. Working with a wedding planner who is experienced at making the most of Iceland's assets will always pay off.


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